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Scope of Research Activities in the Department

  • Fuels combustion
  • Ecological exploitation of primary and secondary raw materials
  • Cogeneration units exploiting various kinds of gaseous fuels and biomass
  • Minimization of emitted gaseous and solid pollutants from energy processes
  • Utilization of alternative and renewable source of energy (wind, water, sun, biomass)
  • Diagnostics of secondary power machines – turbines, compressors and pumps
  • Applied research in combustion devices, especially, in the field of power machines of high capacity

Abstract or poster in proceedings

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TUN, Maw Maw and Dagmar JUCHELKOVÁ. Estimation of Waste Resource Recovery from the Daily Collected Wastes in Yangon. Yangon: Yangon Technological University, 2017. ISBN 0-000-00000-0. [Detail]
JEZERSKÁ, Lucie, Ondřej ZAJONC, Jiří ZEGZULKA, Lucia KOVAĽOVÁ and Renáta JANOUCHOVÁ. Mechanical material properties effect on pelletization. Praha: Česká společnost chemického inženýrství, 2014. ISBN 978-80-02-02555-9. [Detail]