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Offer of Department Services

  • Warranty testing of boilers and combustion devices.
  • Diagnostics of combustion processes concentrated on efficiency augmentation of combustion devices and their reduction in harmful emission of solid particles, NOx, CO, SO2.
  • Special diagnostic methods of combustion processes in fireplace and furnace chamber of big sized boilers: (High temperature measuring simultaneously cooled by pyrometers. Temperature measuring by optical pyrometers in the area of both visible and infrared radiation. Temperature changes measuring by optical pyrometers in cooled sondes of optical fibre signal output with a possibility of sampling frequency up to 10 kHz. Gaseous sampling of combustion products cooled by sondes. Solid sampling of combustion products cooled by probes (samples of coal powder combustion).)
  • Special measuring methods of solid particles concentration (except ordinary measuring according to ČSN 124070): (Sampling of low concentration up to 1 mg.m-3. Solid particles sampling from an area of high temperature up to 1200oC carried out by a special izokinetic cooled probe with a regulation of mixture temperature output.)
  • Case study in possible modification of combustion devices to improve their efficiency, economic operation and reduce emission.
  • Diagnostics of milling devices and milling circuits: (Measuring of concentration and mass flow in two phase mixture "coal powder - carrier". Measuring of press and flow parameters in milling circuits. Pulverized coal sampling from powder pipelines by the izokinetics method. Continual measuring of pulverized coal concentration and granulation in powder pipeline – triboelectric sonde PCME Ltd. DUST 50.)
  • Emission measuring according the valid legislation in its extensive range including the calibration of continual measuring instruments.
  • Noise measurement – sonic apparatus.
  • Warranty testing of turbines, compressors and feed pumps.
  • Energy audits of industry and buildings.
    Measuring of heat, water and compressed air consumption.
  • Measuring of electrical device’s consumption to 0,4 kV above 6 kV.
  • Warranty testing of cogeneration units.
  • Environmental impact assessment according to the Act of 100/2001 Sb.
  • Expert’s opinion in the field of "Engineering", branch of "General Engineering", specialization in "Power Machines".