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Have you ever dreamed of building a robot or designing an aircraft? Have a passion for racing cars and want to be part of a Formula 1 development team? Want to make a contribution to the development of sustainable energy or be a part of the creation of more advanced forms of artificial intelligence? Start with a mechanical engineering degree!


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Advanced Methods of Mechatronics

The summer school of mechatronic systems offers an intensive 5 days course for all of those who are fans of mechatronics, particularly systems for active vibration control, including basic hardware and software.

Erasmus Student Network VŠB-TUO

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation. Our mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

Human Aspects in Industrial Control

The summer school offers an intensive 5 days course for all of those who are interested in a supervisory control and data acquisition system design, reflecting the role of the human-machine interface, particularly the relation of data measurement - data visualization - process control.

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