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The study is generally aimed at knowledge in the field of heat and mass transfer, liquid mechanics, fuel combustion and environment technologies. The students are familiarized with the construction and operation of essential power engineering aggregates such as boilers, turbines, compressors, energy centrals, water treatment in power engineering, technologies of combustion emission minimizing, further with economy and management in the field of power engineering, alternative sources of energy environment technologies, measuring and testing of power devices. The study concerns the issue of optimal operation and management of power equipment, design of power technologies in terms of their function and impact on the environment. The harmonization of energy legislation in relation to European Union such as energy law together with legislation of power industry, an attitude to atom energy and the environment, law of energy treatment is emphasized to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of energy utilization considering environment protection. The energy management and quality control system in power engineering is lectured to affect energy consumption in the society. The students gain knowledge for design and construction of energy units and devices of environment technologies.

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