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Rozvoj kontaktů mezi historiky matematiky z Ostravy a Kristiansandu - přípravná návštěva
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The cooperation between historians of mathematics from Ostrava and Kristiansand has developed since 2011. It has already resulted into two public lectures and two papers published in high-quality scientific journals. Both sides are eager to deepen and enhance these contacts, which have been running on ad hoc basis so far. After visiting the contact seminar in Prague, we decided to submit an institutional cooperation project in the call 2015 of CZ07, an ideal platform to achieve this goal. For the preparation of the grant proposal we plan to organize 3-day meeting with key personnel from the partner institution in Kristiansand. It should enable us to discuss thoroughly not only the content of the project, which follows from our common research and educational interests, but first of all the particular programme of the project, timeline of the activities, publicity issues and governance of the project, issues that are best discussed face-to-face.
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FM EHP/Norska (FM EEA/Norway) (zdroj 2401)
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