Research and Development

Research and Development are integral to the activities at VŠB-TUO. Our focus on applied research and close cooperation with industry informs the teaching activities at the University, ensuring relevance in a dynamic international scientific environment. The fact that we are one of the most successful universities in the utilization of European structural funds focused on research is not a coincidence. We are utilizing our excellent position in six areas to develop science and research for the future through the Centre of Excellence IT for Innovations, and other top centres.

The strategy of science and research is based on six poles of excellence where we currently excel, and/or have the potential to excel in the future:

  • Raw materials, energy and environmental science
  • Computational sciences and information technologies
  • New materials, structures and technologies
  • Modern engineering
  • Safety technologies
  • Modelling of economic and financial processes

Job Opportunities

Senior research position
Field of research: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies – Water Jet

TitleNanotechnologie, materiály a nové výrobní technologie - univerzitní spolupráce ve výzkumu a implementace společných programů pomocí akademických mobilit
Start year2011
End year2013
CategoryObecná forma (normální záznam)
TypeProgram EU
ProposerČep Robert doc. Ing., Ph.D.

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