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Name Position
prof. Ing. Robert Čep, Ph.D. Dean
prof. Ing. Ivo Hlavatý, Ph.D. Vice-Dean for External Affairs and Cooperation with Industry
Ing. Vojtěch Graf, Ph.D. Vice-Dean for Bachelor and Master Studies
doc. Ing. Zdeněk Poruba, Ph.D. Vice-Dean for Internationalization and Human Resources
doc. Ing. Miroslav Mahdal, Ph.D. Vice-Dean for Science, Research and Doctoral Studies
prof. Ing. Aleš Slíva, Ph.D. Vice-Dean for Grant Projects and Faculty Development
Ing. Zuzana Kmětíková Faculty Administrator
Ing. Tereza Fittlová Dean's secretary
prof. Ing. Radek Čada, CSc. Chairman of the Academic Senate FME
Ing. Ondřej Mizera 2nd Co-chairman of the Student Chamber
prof. RNDr. Radek Kučera, Ph.D. Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry
doc. Ing. Martin Fusek, Ph.D. Department of Applied Mechanics
doc. Dr. Ing. Lumír Hružík Department of Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Equipment
doc. Ing. Jiří Fries, Ph.D. Department of Machine and Industrial Design
doc. Ing. Robert Brázda, Ph.D. Institute of Transport
prof. Ing. Radek Čada, CSc. Department of Mechanical Technology
prof. Ing. et Ing. Mgr. Jana Petrů, Ph.D. Department of Machining, Assembly and Engineering Metrology
Ing. Miroslav Trochta, Ph.D. Department of Machine Parts and Mechanisms
doc. Ing. Renata Wagnerová, Ph.D. Department of Control Systems and Instrumentation
prof. Dr. Ing. Petr Novák Department of Robotics
doc. Ing. Stanislav Honus, Ph.D. Department of Power Engineering

Minutes of the meetings Dean's Collegium [CZ]