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prof. Ing. Čep Robert, Ph.D.

Dean (FS)
Head of Department (300)
Deputy Head (346)
Academic Staff Member (346)

Ing. Fittlová Tereza

Administrative Assistant (300)
Employee (302)


Drmolová Hana

Administrative Assistant (347)
Employee (302)
Employee (300)

Ing. Graf Vojtěch, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean or Bachelor and Master Studies (FS)
Academic Staff Member (342)
Employee (300)

Jančijuk Jiří

Employee (300)
Employee (330)

doc. Ing. Mahdal Miroslav, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean for Science, Research and Doctoral Studies (FS)
Deputy Head (352)
Associate Professor (352)
Employee (300)

doc. Ing. Poruba Zdeněk, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean for Internationalization and Human Resources (FS)
Deputy Head (330)
Academic Staff Member (330)
Employee (300)

prof. Ing. Slíva Aleš, Ph.D.

Vice-Dean for Grant Projects and Faculty Development (FS)
Academic Staff Member (342)
Employee (300)