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Did you entertain yourself as a teenager by constructing robotic figures from Lego instead of sweeping discos? Or are you simply tempted to breathe life into a machine? Study robotics! We will teach you to design and manage not only industrial or collaborative robots and manipulators, but also entire technological robotized workplaces in various industries and services. As we follow the trends in robotics, you will also study the design of service robots or biorobotics. The work of a robotic device designer is closely tied to computer technology, so you will learn to program and design and model using 2D and 3D CAD systems. Your field of application will be broad, as robotics are rapidly penetrating the agriculture, healthcare and textile, footwear and food industries.

The department is open to international students and interns. A lot of students from Brazil, Spain, Portugal, U.S.A., Croatia, France, Poland and Ukraine have already absolved their internships, studies or scholarship (Erasmus, IAESTE, ...) on the department.

All people interested in any type of cooperation with the department are always welcome. Study in Czech language is free even for international students.

Why to study on the Department of Robotics?

  • As one of the few, we realize teaching covering the whole area of mechatronics.
  • You will get "know-how" in construction, projection, simulation, control systems and control.
  • Our graduates have no problem with finding a good job.
  • We offer a good technical background for study (computer classrooms, laboratories), we have state-of-the-art equipment - everything is concentrated in a modern campus of VŠB-TU in one location. We have an extensive robot laboratory (Robotics Center).
  • We are successful in attracting interesting science and research projects - we involve our students in their solutions.
  • We work closely with practice - both in terms of project solutions for our partners as well as in assigning diploma theses, which simplifies the search for future employment.
  • We are interesting for foreign students. Several foreign students (eg University of San Paulo - Brazil, Berkeley University - USA) chose our department as part of the exchange study visit.
  • We maintain professional and social contacts with our graduates.
Industrial robotics laboratory in the VSB campus (newly equipped during 2019)


Information about available study branches


List of individual courses provided by the department

Theses and dissertations

Overview of bachelor's and master's theses by our students