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Surface Forming Laboratory (F109): Here, a semi-automatic hydraulic press CBJ 100-11 and a hydraulic shop press CDC 10-8 are located here, where pressing, bending, straightening, shearing, drawing, stretching, stamping, etc. can be performed. There is a universal jig for cutting test bars and circular specimens from sheet metal, as well as a jig for drawing with a set of hemispherical draw punches and a jig for bending thick sheet metal. A KAISER+KRAFT lifting scissor table trolley (capacity 1000 kg) with a KAISER+KRAFT roller track (platform width 740 mm, platform length 1190 mm) and a mobile folding hand-held hydraulic workshop crane Güde GWK 2000 (capacity 2000 kg) with a four-arm textile binder (capacity 2100 kg) are used to handle forming tools in the laboratory. The laboratory also contains a work bench and forming tools.