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The Department of Mechanical Technology of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of VSB – Technical University Ostrava is an educational and scientific research institute operating in the fields of "Mechanical Engineering Technology" and "Industrial Engineering". The department's professional activities are focused on the fields of forming, welding, structural materials, and their surface treatment, designing, and organisation of engineering production.

The Department is significantly involved in teaching the three-year Bachelor's degree programme "Mechanical Engineering" in the specialisations "Mechanical Engineering Technology" and "Industrial Engineering", in the two-year follow-up Master's degree programmes "Mechanical Engineering Technology" and "Industrial Engineering" and in the four-year doctoral degree programme "Mechanical Engineering Technology", all in full-time and combined form of study, in both Czech and English. The Department also provides teaching of subjects from its fields of study in other study programmes (e.g., "Air Transport Technology"). The Department uses its laboratories for teaching and research activities.

The history of the Department is related to the establishment of the Faculty of Mining Engineering and the Department of Operational Economics in 1951, which provided teaching of technological subjects under the leadership of Prof. Josef Parýzek. In 1955, an independent Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology with the same head was established from this department. In 1967, the Department of Mechanical Technology was separated from the Department of Mechanical Technology, whose first head was Ing. V. Sekanina.

In 1969, two institutes were established at the Department of Mechanical Technology: the Department of Forming (headed by Assoc. Prof. Zdenek Petrzela, Ph.D.) and the Department of Welding (headed by Prof. Jan Kucera, PhD.). In 1970, Prof. Jaroslav Vesely, PhD., who was replaced in 1979 by Prof. Horymír Srp. The Department was expanded by two more institutes: the Institute of Design (headed by Assoc. Prof. Jiri Smetana, PhD.) and the Institute of Engineering Materials and Surface Treatment (headed by Prof. Miroslav Mohyla, DrSc.). In 1982–1992 the department was headed by Prof. Miroslav Mohyla, DrSc., in 1992 Prof. Jaroslav Koukal, PhD., in 1993–2002 Assoc. Prof. Richard Brezina, PhD., in 2002–2013 Prof. Ing. Jiri Hruby, PhD., in 2013–2017 Ing. Petr Mohyla, Ph.D., in 2017–2020 Ing. Lucie Krejci, Ph.D., at the end of 2020 Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Mahdal, Ph.D. and 2021–present Prof. Radek Cada, PhD.