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Teaching aims at preparing graduates of bachelor and postgraduate studies for the performance of middle and upper management in engineering and other industrial companies. In the four-year doctoral programme "Mechanical Engineering Technology", the specialisation Industrial Engineering prepares highly qualified professionals for the highest management levels. It focusses on basic and state-of-the-art methods in management systems, organisation, design, economics, business and marketing.D303-014

Graduates of the Industrial Engineering programme have knowledge of industrial technologies, knowledge and skills necessary for designing technological workplaces, organising, managing, and evaluating production and pre-production processes, knowledge of industrial management methodology, the basics of marketing activities, quality management systems of industrial enterprises, and the basics of general and business economics. Graduates are able to use a range of methodologies for process improvement, are orientated in logistics, project management, master simulations to optimise production lines, layouts, can use quality tools and manage industrial audits. They are employed in all areas of industry as designers of production processes and systems, logistics, technical production preparation (technologists, standardisers, etc.), operations engineers, quality control and management specialists, project managers, etc.

D303-015The department's professional activities in the field of design, organisation, and economics of engineering production are focused on the organisation and management of engineering production, analysis, design, and modelling of technological and production processes and systems, management and economics of engineering production, controlling, production quality management, including certification of products and management systems, industrial marketing, management of cost, productivity, and efficiency of production activities, areas of totally productive maintenance, data management in the maintenance management process, issues of competitiveness, innovation activities, regeneration of brownfields, SMART economy, and Industry 4.0. For teaching and research activities laboratories of the department are used.

In the field of industrial engineering, the trend in the industry is towards lean management, innovation, and preparation of analytical and rationalisation studies in the field of management, planning, economics, design of production processes and systems and their optimisation using simulation software (e.g. Witness). A major trend is the gradual implementation of Industry 4.0 processes, which affects all areas of engineering production. This results in a demand from companies for graduates who will have the ability to implement the changes. Another trend related to Industry 4.0 is the demand for new professions. The labour market demands graduates who are not only technically prepared but also have sufficient economic education.