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HB211-001Teaching basic and preparatory courses for bachelor, master, and doctoral studies in the field of engineering materials and their surface treatments.

Graduates of the study programme "Mechanical Engineering Technology" focussing on structural materials and surface treatments have knowledge in the field of technological processes of production and heat treatment of materials, surface treatments, tool design, computer support of technological processes and their organisation and management.HB211-006 Graduates can analyse technological processes, design input parameters of processes, solve processes practically using software, and interpret the obtained results for the needs of practise. They will find employment with employers involved in the development, production, distribution and service of engineering products, as a technologist, designer, specialist assessing the level of technical projects, etc.

The department's professional activities in the field of structural materials and their surface treatments are focused on materials engineering, creation and evaluation of enamel coatings, study of the metal-enamel phase interface, application of enamel coatings on parts made by 3D printing using the SLM (Selective Laser Melting) method, E424-006study of the influence of surface pretreatment of metals on the adhesion of coatings, especially organic ones, electroplating and other surface treatments. For teaching and research activities are used both laboratories of the department, as well as other departments.

In the field of surface treatments, the development in the industry is legislatively directed toward "green" technologies and sustainable production. In the field of coatings, for example, the use of chromium or polymers. The use of nanotechnology, especially thin films and composite coatings with nanoparticles, is a trend in manufacturing.