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Volume Forming Laboratory (F108): A hydraulic press DP2000 (2 MN) with manual or TestEmotion control; a heating mantle for induction heating of forming tools, controlled by a dTRON 304 unit with NiCr-Ni thermocouple; an electric induction furnace for heating M20VA samples; sets of forming tools (punches and dies) of different geometries for Equal-Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP), capable of processing samples up to a diameter of 15 mm in circular cross-section or 15 x 15 mm in square cross-section. The laboratory also has conventional equipment consisting of a workbench, a vice, and small tools for sample preparation. In this laboratory, research is carried out on the forming of non-ferrous metals and their alloys using the straight channel extrusion method and multiple plastic deformation. Alloys based on Mg-Al-Zn; Mg-Li-Al; Mg-Li-Zr; Mg-Li-Ca; Al-Mn-Cu; Al-Si-Mg; Al-Si-Cu and Al-Si with the addition of SiC nanoparticles were tested. The testing itself is computer-controlled with the possibility of heating the forming tools before and during the process.