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  • the design and construction of machines and machine systems
  • scientific and research work in the individual fields of the industrial sphere
  • design and construction studies focused on the development of machine prototypes and equipment
  • expert and consultancy in the field of machine and equipment design, technical diagnostics, the mining industry, the field of operational measurements and others
  • the processing of research and studies, including special research tasks
  • assessment activities based on the relationship between a client and a supplier
  • the certification of personnel in the field of tribodidiagnostics and thermodiagnostics
  • the laboratory analyses of fuels and lubricants
  • technical measurement in the following areas: vibrodiagnostics, thermodiagnostics, acoustics, laser and optical measurements, non-destructive testing, etc.
  • consultancy in the field of CAD systems for secondary schools
  • ensuring cooperation and collaboration with specialized companies
  • solving environmental problems in industrial practice
  • the organization of company days, professional seminars, international conferences, etc.