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The department is a specialized workplace providing education in undergraduate bachelor´s, and master's and doctoral study programmes. The content of the study and the set of professional and profiling subjects are focused on the technical, design and construction solutions of machines. The Department has been dealing with the issue of designing production machines for more than 50 years. The individual specializations that make up this field of study have been selected after careful consideration and in close relation to the interests and needs of industrial companies in common practice. An integral part of the teaching is the possibility to use computer labs managed by the Department and the teaching laboratory. The theoretical part of the course is regularly supplemented by the opportunity to gain practical experience, especially by taking field trips to visit various industrial companies. The quality and good name of the Department are best evidenced by the fact that many graduates are currently working in very important positions both in state and private sectors. Students do not have problems with their future employment, as over the past few years, the interest of companies, especially in draughtsmen and designers, regularly exceeds the number of graduating students.