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The main pedagogical objective of the Department of Machine and Industrial Design (formerly the Department of Production Machines and Design) is to educate graduates ready to start their future employment. The tool to achieve this goal is close cooperation with industrial companies, especially when creating the assignment of final bachelor and master theses and their subsequent processing, of course, with the possibility of the personal participation of a student in the company, taking the form of an internship (guided practice) or a temporary job.

However, long-term contacts do not serve only teaching needs but are also used in the areas of research and development, when working on national or international projects or during the performance of tasks arising from closed economic contracts. It logically follows from the name and focus of the Department that these are mainly companies engaged in design work, industrial production (from machinery and equipment to consumables), the operation and diagnostics of machines, repairs, the design of industrial products and the like.

In the areas of teaching, student exchange internships or cooperation on projects and research, it is also necessary to mention long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, especially with their technical faculties.