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How to apply

Admission requirements

fee, proof of the education, entrance examination, admission procedure dates


Electronic application & cost

The tuition fee is EUR 4,000 per the academic year.


Pavla Karásková, MSc.
Study and International Office

Deadline for application

Type of study Language Academic year Dates Admission procedure
Follow-up Master English 2021/2022 02. 12. 2020 - 31. 03. 2021 1st round

Study programme Industrial Engineering

About study programme

Are you a natural leader? Do you like to organize events around you? So join us. You will understand the basics of engineering technology, learn to design production systems and organize pre-production and production processes. In addition, we will prepare you for the work of an operations manager who is able to make independent and responsible decisions. Thanks to the study you will also gain knowledge regarding the assessment of production quality, product certification, demonstration of conformity and accounting. You will master the fundamentals of both general and business economics. You can be used in engineering and other industries in pre-production, development or research. You will not be lost as a production system designer, technologist, project manager or inspection and quality expert. In the financial world, you will succeed as a specialist in assessing the level of technology projects.

Hard skills

  • Product certification
  • Assessment of formability of materials
  • Design of technological processes of production
  • Knowledge of unconventional methods of engineering forming
  • Knowledge of basic technologies of plastics processing
  • Knowledge of the basics of business economics
  • Preparation of production
  • Managerial knowledge
  • Knowledge of basic metallurgical factors influencing the formability of sheet metal
  • Knowledge of material and technological formability of materials
  • Production quality management
  • Management of production and pre-production processes
  • Knowledge of industrial management methodology
  • Industrial engineering
  • Organization management
  • Knowledge of the influence of forming on the properties and structure of a material
  • Perform technical supervision at workplaces
  • Optimization of extract drawing processes
  • Evaluation of production and pre-production processes
  • Quality control
  • Marketing
  • Knowledge of mechanical engineering technologies
  • Knowledge of unconventional criteria for evaluating the formability of sheets
  • Design of technological workplaces
  • Production organization and management
  • Design of production units
  • Industrial logistics
  • Knowledge of management methods and techniques
  • Demonstration of product conformity
  • Designing production systems
  • Business administration
  • Management methods
  • Assessing the level of technological projects
  • Knowledge of direct methods of sheet metal testing
  • Knowledge of the basics of marketing activities
  • Designing production
  • Quality management

Study curriculum

Detail information
Faculty Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Type of study Follow-up Master
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme N0715A270009
Czech title of the programme Průmyslové inženýrství
English title of the programme Industrial Engineering
Regular period of the study 2 years
Coordinating department Department of Mechanical Technology
Coordinator prof. Ing. Radek Čada, CSc.
Key words quality control
management methods
industrial logistic
production design
production technologies

Additional information

Full-degree scholarship

For foreign applicants for full-time study or 1st year of full-time study.

Recognition of prior education

Description of the procedure for acknowledgment of certification from abroad.


Dormitories or private accommodation.


How to apply for visa.

Health insurance

Description of the procedure for health insurance.

Practical information

Travel, currency and everyday life in Ostrava.