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Admission requirements

fee, proof of the education, entrance examination, admission procedure dates


Electronic application & cost

The tuition fee is EUR 4,000 per the academic year.


Pavla Karásková, MSc.
Study and International Office

Deadline for application

Type of study Language Academic year Dates Admission procedure
Follow-up Master English 2021/2022 02. 12. 2020 - 31. 03. 2021 1st round

Study programme Energy Engineering

About study programme

This Master's study programme is a continuation of the bachelor study programme “Energetics and Environments”. Nevertheless, graduates of other technical programmes and fields, both from VŠB-TUO and other universities, also apply for this programme.
In the basic compulsory study programme, students deepen their knowledge of the theory of fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer and combustion and become more familiar with the construction and operation of basic power industry units such as boilers, turbines, compressors, power stations, internal combustion engines, cooling equipment, etc. Furthermore, students acquire knowledge in the field of water management in power engineering, air protection and in the field of operation, regulation, diagnostics and maintenance in power engineering.


  • Power engineering auditor
  • Power engineering researcher
  • Power engineering design engineer

Hard skills

  • Knowledge of principles and use of heat and combustion engines
  • Orientation in technical drawings
  • Application of mathematical methods in energy and thermal engineering
  • Energy calculations
  • Knowledge of the effects of thermal processes on the environment
  • Energetical protection in power engineering
  • Energy machinery and equipment
  • Orientation in the field of use of secondary energy sources
  • MS Excel application for thermal calculations
  • Knowledge of properties of the gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels
  • Orientation in schemes
  • Application of natural sciences in energy and thermal engineering
  • Knowledge of heat pumps and refrigeration systems
  • Heat transfer calculations in buildings and facilities
  • Orientation in the field of heating and air conditioning
  • Orientation in the field of thermal energy equipment
  • Orientation in the field of properties, principle, and use of compressors
  • Orientation in the field of properties, principle, and use of pumps
  • Regulation in energetics
  • Measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities
  • Calculation of heat losses of facilities, energy distribution, and buildings
  • Applications of the basics of thermodynamics in power engineering and thermal engineering
  • Knowledge of the use of alternative energy sources
  • Knowledge of energy utilization and waste treatment
  • Ability to determine energy and exergetic balances of equipment
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Modelling of thermal processes and its use
  • Knowledge of calculations and design of heat exchangers
  • Knowledge of creating energy balances and standardization of energy consumption
  • Orientation in the field of the heating industry, boiler issues, and heat distribution
  • Calculations of pressure losses in the flow of gases and liquids
  • Heat sharing and mass transfer
  • Knowledge of methods for reducing the effects of thermal processes on environmental components
  • Fuel combustion calculations
  • Knowledge of modelling in SW Ansys Fluent
  • Determination of efficiency of thermal and energy equipment
  • Reading technical documentation

Study curriculum

Detail information
Faculty Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Type of study Follow-up Master
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme N0713A070003
Czech title of the programme Energetické stroje a zařízení
English title of the programme Energy Engineering
Regular period of the study 2 years
Coordinating department Department of Power Engineering
Coordinator doc. Ing. Stanislav Honus, Ph.D.
Key words energy machinery and equipment
energy sources
efficiency of energy transformations
alternative and renewable energy
waste utilization

Additional information

Full-degree scholarship

For foreign applicants for full-time study or 1st year of full-time study.

Recognition of prior education

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How to apply for visa.

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Practical information

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