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How to apply

Admission requirements

Fee, proof of the education, entrance examination, admission procedure dates


Electronic application & cost

The tuition fee is 500 CZK per semester

Topic of the dissertation thesis

The applicant chooses the topic of the dissertation in the chosen study programme from the valid offer for the given round of the admission procedure.

Applicants are advised to consult the relevant supervisor in advance.


Mgr. Pavla Karásková
Study and International Office

Deadline for application

Type of study Language Academic year Dates Admission procedure
Doctoral English 2024/2025 01. 06. 2024 - 31. 08. 2024 3rd round
Academic year of instruction
Form of study

Doctoral programmes

Applied Mechanics

Suitable for persons interested in mechanics or biomechanics. Suitable for an additional career. Large interdisciplinary cooperation in scientific and technical projects and with industrial companies. Possibilities to study abroad.

Construction of Production Machines and Equipment

This field offers the study of one of several specializations in the field of construction and calculations of both machines and their parts and groups. In the field it is possible to study the issue of machine drives, both mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic. Furthermore, in the field it is possible to gain knowledge from transport and material handling, earthmoving, mining and civil engineering machines, production machines, etc. The whole study is highly professional and the latest knowledge...

Control of Machines and Processes

The study programme Control of Machines and Processes is focused on the control of machines and the control of processes. As a machine you can imagine different production equipment and its subsystems, just as their grouping, it can be a robot, autonomous systems or mechatronic systems. The process can be not only a production technology in different fields of industry but also it can be the decision-making processes and control processes at the upper level of the production and manufacturing...

Energy Processes

Power engineering forms a part of almost all human activities.
The objective of the "Energy processes" postgraduate study program is to train students in creative research work in the field of power engineering. The graduates obtain the “PhD” title, the highest possible academic degree.
The studies are conducted in the form of day or combined studies.
The studies takes place based on individual study plans, which specify the study time schedule, professional and research activities, focused...

Mechanical Engineering Technology

The branch develops manufacturing technologies in mechanical engineering by deepening the knowledge of natural and economic disciplines. The latest knowledge and methods of research in the field of technological processes and their management are developed and applied. The aim of the study is to acquire competences and abilities for independent and team scientific and creative work. The graduate is prepared for research and teaching professions in structured departments of scientific and...


Robotics is a modern and promising field that is already changing the world and has an open future - the demand for experts (and well-paid).
Robots ride, heal and help, produce and grow, earn and clean. Almost everything is controlled automatically. And you will be there: to be able to develop, deploy and use them.
We are interesting for foreign students - they study and even work for us.
We list creative topics of doctoral theses.
We are successful in obtaining scientific research projects...

Transport and Material Handling

The doctoral study program Transport and Material Handling follows on from the follow-up master's degree program in Mechanical Engineering, field of study Structural and Process Engineering, specialization Transport Machines and Handling with material. The above-mentioned doctoral study program can be studied by graduates of the same or related master's degree programs and fields from other faculties, colleges or universities.

Transport Systems

Doctoral study program Transport Systems educates graduates with a deep theoretical knowledge of technical and natural sciences, which are supplemented by specific practical skills received by solving real problems based on the current needs of rail, road and air transport systems.
Within the study, it is possible to carry out professional practice in companies engaged in the construction of vehicles or operation of transport systems, internships at foreign universities and scientific...

Additional information

Full-degree scholarship

For foreign applicants for full-time study or 1st year of full-time study.

Recognition of prior education

Description of the procedure for acknowledgment of certification from abroad.


Dormitories or private accommodation.


How to apply for visa.

Health insurance

Description of the procedure for health insurance.

Practical information

Travel, currency and everyday life in Ostrava.