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Hybrid energy storage system using post-mining infrastructure
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Evropská unie
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RFCS2027 výzva RFCS-2022
The project aim is to develop a Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) using post-mining infrastructure. The inventory of post-mining infrastructure will include both mine shafts and underground workings. The analysis of the possibility of its use for parallel energy storage in: pumped storage systems (PSH), compressed gas – air and CO2 systems (CAES) and thermal energy (TES) will be made. The possibility of using geothermal energy and the use and potential storage of CO2 (CCS) will also be determined. The assumed total energy storage capacity will be min. 30 MWh. On the basis of the energy demand of each HESS component, a method of thermal and mechanical integration of the entire system will be developed. An algorithm for the mutual interaction between the elements of the energy storage system will be developed. Optimal cooperation of the various elements of the HESS will be supervised by an energy router. The router will also manage energy exchanges with the national power grid for the intake of low-cost green energy and peak energy production. The single HESS energy router system should take into account the possibility of cooperation of multiple HESS systems working in a distributed system. Technical and economic and LCA analysis will form the basis for work on the construction of a pilot plant and industrial implementation of the project results.