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Implementace modulu virtuální reality
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Currently, one of the latest technologies that industrial companies are beginning to use is the use of virtual reality in development. This is mainly because it not only allows projected technical objects to be viewed on a computer monitor, but also provides opportunities for immediate testing in virtual space. The use of this technology requires new knowledge and methods of development and management. The intention is to supplement the existing software system with a module that to manage the processing and all related activities using virtual reality. This module will then be offered as a modern software system designed for industrial companies, especially those that will gradually introduce the use of virtual reality in the future. This will create a timely product on the market that will enable industrial companies to accelerate the process of introducing virtual reality into development and testing. The main objective of the project is therefore to obtain, in cooperation between ISSA CZECH s.r.o. and the Faculty of Engineering, the necessary knowledge for the development of a new module for the use of virtual reality and implementation of the current software system. In order to develop a module for virtual reality, it is necessary to solve the specification for all activities related to virtual reality, so it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment and all the knowledge needed for the creation and use of virtual reality. Such equipment and related knowledge is at the disposal of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VŠB-TUO. Therefore, it is a participant in the project as a Knowledge Organisation. The concrete output of the whole project is a new software system that includes the basic modules necessary for the management of industrial agendas including the processing of the implementation and use of 3D CAD data and virtual reality. From a technological point of view, it will be developed and operated on current supported development resources, and from a process point of view, the control and data processing system will be upgraded and complemented with the management of new areas of virtual reality and 3D printing and scanning. A new competitive software product will be created for the industrial sector that can control and optimise the development processes in relation to production.