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Simulace a optimalizace interakce dopravních proudů v software Witness
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Technologická agentura
Obecná forma
ALFA - Program aplikovaného výzkumu a experimentálního vývoje (2011-2016)
The crucial goal of the project is the development of a software product which enables essential expansion of applicability of current products offered by the company Dynamic Future, s.r.o. The goal is to create an extension of software Witness which will be focused on simulation and optimalization of traffic flows interaction at crossroads. Supporting goals of the project are deepening of research activities of both project partners with concrete contribution for real operation of the systems and bidirectional knowledge transfer which causes increasing competitiveness of both partners participating at the project. Products commercialization, publicity and propagation are insignificant goals of the project as well. The main contribution is to make predictive simulation accessible in the area of traffic flows interaction also for non-professional users. Our web application will work without using software Witness therefore there is no need to buy it. Users need not to be familiar with principles of simulation and modelling in Witness. Users will work only with values and parameters which corresponds to their practice. Commercial affairs, publicity and propagation of product is also a significant task.
Information system of research, development and innovation (in Czech)