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Report expired on 30. 6. 2024!

Completion of studies at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Completion of studies at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Overview of information for the final years of Bachelor's and Master's studies.

When do I stop being a student?

You will be a student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering VSB-TUO until the day you pass the State final exam.

Can I repeat the Final state exam?

The State final exam can be repeated once. The student repeats only the part from which he was classified with the grade failed. Repetition of the State final exam can take place on the resit date or, by agreement, on the next regular date (next year).  The resit date is determined just for students who failed the regular date of the final state exam.

The State final exam must be completed no later than two years after finishing the study part. In case of failure at the state final exam, come to the study department immediately to discuss the possibilities of completing your studies.

How long will I have access to my school e-mail?

You will retain access for a period of 6 months after graduation.

Bank account

We recommend that you keep the bank account published in Edison active until 31/08/2024 due to the possible payment of extraordinary scholarships.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation date:

  • Masters: 25/06/2024
  • Bachelors 26/06/2024

You will be invited by e-mail to register for the graduation ceremony. Registration takes place after the successful completion of the Final state exam IS Edison. You become a registered participant of the graduation after paying a fee of CZK 500, payment is made via the VSB-TUO Electronic Payment System.
At the latest, the fee must be paid by June 13, 2024.
Fees paid after this date will not be taken into account.

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