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11th International scientific and expert conference TEAM 2024

 10. 9. 2024 - 13. 9. 2024
 Univerzitní Aula: UA2
Discover your research opportunities during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of The Department Machining Assembly and Engineering Metrology at FME.

TEAM 2024 presents cutting-edge research with a special emphasis on material characterisation after machining using conventional and unconventional technologies, rapid prototyping with regard of a new materials and biomaterials with specific mechanical properties. Condition monitoring, industrial automation, and diverse fabrication processes such as welding, casting and moulding, material integrity after processing, as well as tribology, medical engineering and bioengineering, are just a few of the topics discussed.

Inspire and publish – Your original contribution is welcomed. in a special issue of the scientific journal MM Science Journal, a research focused on Focused on Manufacturing Technology, Engineering and People. MM Science Journal is indexed in a prestigious citation database Scopus, in citation database Ebsco and in citation database Web of Science.

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Created: 12. 3. 2024
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Department: 346 - Department of Machining, Assembly and Engineering Metrology
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