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Dean Čep's second term begins

Dean Čep
On the first of March, the second "four-year term" of the current management of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of VSB-TUO, headed by Dean Robert Čep, starts. What changes is the re-elected head of the faculty planning?

Minor changes in management

The management of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of VSB-TUO enters the new period of governance with only four vice-deans. It will have to make do without the dean from 2012-2020 and the recent vice-dean for external relations and cooperation with practice, Professor Ivo Hlavatý. "I believe that we are already an experienced team enough to be able to move the faculty forward with incremental steps," said FS Dean professor Robert Čep.

Professor Aleš Slíva will now take over the agenda of former Vice Dean Hlavatý as Vice Dean for Faculty Development. The names and positions of the other Vice-Deans remain the same - Associate Professor Zdeněk Poruba continues as Vice-Dean for Internationalisation and Human Resources, Associate Professor Miroslav Mahdal remains in charge of Science, Research and Doctoral Studies and Dr Vojtěch Graf will continue to be responsible for the agenda of Bachelor's and Master's studies.

Goals, visions, tasks

In the area of teaching, the new leadership has several important tasks ahead of itself. Among others, accreditation at all levels of study, maintaining the number of domestic students and increasing the number of those coming from abroad, and last but not least, adjusting the content of study programmes according to the current requirements from practice. Dean Čep also plans to simplify the study offer and thus make it cheaper. "Instead of dozens of specializations, one universal bachelor's engineering programme could be created," Čep indicated.

As far as science and research is concerned, the aim of the faculty management is to at least maintain, but ideally to support and increase the number of results. "At the university's science council, we were named the climber of the year. This pleases me and at the same time obliges me, because the competition does not sleep, methodologies are evolving and we must always be alert," says Dean Robert Čep.

Created: 1. 3. 2024
Category:  News
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Department: FS - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering