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Important information for 1st Year Bachelor Students

Important information for 1st Year Bachelor Students
Information for new students.

Study Department

Study affairs officer: Ivana Sikorová, DiS. [en], room A132, , tel. +420 597 324 122

Office hours [en] of the Study Department.


EDISON Information System (hereinafter referred to as IS)

It is the University information system where the study agenda is kept.

Access to the IS is possible from a web browser after entering the login name (login) and password on the site [en].

As soon as you enrol in the study, you will be sent an email with information regarding your Edison login details.

Immediately after logging into IS Edison, verify (confirm) your personal information and enrolment. No later than within 5 days from the enrolment date!!!

Student card (ISIC)

Each student is required to obtain an identification card. The VŠB-TUO Card Centre [en] provides the issuance, registration and administration of identification cards.

After obtaining the student card, allow the photo to be published in IS Edison.

School e-mail

Always provide your full name and personal number (login) when communicating with the Faculty and school staff via e-mail.

Students are required to read the school e-mail daily, through which important information and alerts will be communicated. The email can also be accessed through a web browser [en]. In IS, it is not possible to replace the school e-mail with another one. It is possible to set up forwarding to a private e-mail.


Schedules [en] - published approximately 7 days before the start of lessons.

Students of the combined form of study have a fixed timetable (every Friday from 14:15)

Study groups

The division into groups will be available for preview 5 days before the start of classes in Edison.


If someone has already studied at VŠB-TUO, the personal number remains the same.

Commencement of classes in the winter semester: 18 September 2023 (22 September 2023 for combined studies).

Checking of registered subjects in IS

The student is obliged to check the enrolled courses in the IS. Changes in the personal study plan caused by schedule collision must be implemented no later than the end of each semester's second week of classes. In this case, contact the Study Department. After this deadline, no changes can be made, and the PSP becomes binding for the student, i.e., the student must complete all enrolled courses (including optional), or they will NOT BE ADMITTED TO THE STATE FINAL EXAM, even if the number of credits is sufficient. It is not possible to make changes in the PSP for the winter semester in the summer semester.

Additional choice of subjects

First-year students must choose a foreign language for the summer semester immediately after enrollment.

The first-year full-time students must also choose a sport. Information about the range of sports on offer and sports facilities can be found in IS Edison in the section - Schedule, tab - Choice of sport.

Further information on the choice of sports will be given by Mgr. Jiří Žídek (, tel.: +420 597 323 756).

Assessment of studies after the 1st semester

By 29 January 2024, a student must have earned at least 15 credits in full-time study and 5 credits in combined study to continue studying in the summer semester. In the repeated 1st year, the student must have completed all winter semester requirements. If the student fails to meet these requirements for progression, he/she must report to the Study Department and withdraw from the studies.

Assessment of studies at the end of the 1st year

Credits for study assessment (and for calculating merit scholarships) are calculated only from subjects in the PASSED status.

To progress to the 2nd year, the student must obtain at least 40 credits for 1st year subjects, namely to 4. 7. 2024. If the student does not obtain them, he/she can request a repeat year during the study assessment.

The student can repeat the same year only once.


Students are required to enter a bank account number (in the Czech Republic) and fill in IS Edison. If the student is awarded a scholarship (merit or extraordinary) and the bank connection is not filled in the IS, the scholarship will not be paid.

The merit scholarship is paid in two instalments after the finished year.

Study regulations and forms [en].
Information about Full degree scholarship [en].

Contact e-mail: .

Students are obliged to follow the Study and Examination Regulations for Study in Bachelor's and Follow-up Master's Degree Programmes at VŠB-TUO, which is published on the VŠB-TUO website and FME [en].

ESN – student association

Orientation days for foreign students from 11. 9. 2023.

E-mail news

If you would like to receive email updates and information about company excursions, lectures, etc. activities related to your studies, please consent to receive them.

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