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Study programme Engineering

About study programme

The first four semesters of the science and engineering base are common to the study program. Subsequently, students study one of the 12 study fields.
Graduates may continue in the field focused study in the master's program N2301 "Mechanical Engineering" followed later by doctoral studies. Graduates will find employment in the technical-operational, marketing and management positions in production facilities in engineering and other industries, as well as in the departments of the preparation and organization of production, in the design and construction of technological equipment, in the design and construction of plant operations, or as workers in testing, development departments and diagnostic centers. Graduates can also easily focus on related engineering fields.

Study curriculum

Faculty Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Type of study Bachelor
Language of instruction Czech
Code of the programme B2341
Title of the programme Engineering
Regular period of the study 3 years
Coordinating department Department of Mechanical Technology
Coordinator prof. Ing. Ivo Hlavatý, Ph.D.
Key words engineering basis
science basis
Mechanical Engineering