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Study branch Contruction of Production Machines and Equipment

About study programme

This branch consists of several specializations and covers an area of a design and calculations both machines and their parts and groups. It is possible to acquire knowledge of a transport and materials handling, earthwork and construction machines.Top procedures and optimization methods are used for designing and calculations. The usage of latest 3D CAD applications and FEM systems is a matter of fact. Branch graduates will learn to manage these instruments on a professional level. They will carry out designs of machines and their parts with regard to their loading capacity and a demanded service life. They will become engineers and their knowledge will be satisfactory in order to work as designers in other mechanical engineering branches.
Faculty Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Study programme Mechanical Engineering
Type of study Doctoral
Language of instruction Czech
Code of the branch 2302V019
Title of the branch Contruction of Production Machines and Equipment
Regular period of the study 4 years
Coordinating department Department of Machine Parts and Mechanisms
Coordinator doc. Ing. Jiří Fries, Ph.D.
Key words Machines and Systems
Latest Techniques and Technologies
Mechanical Design and Calculations
Drives of Machines