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Bachelor programmes

In this bachleor program, the first four semesters of General and Mechanical Engineering are common. Subsequently, students study one of the 8 specializations. Graduates can continue in the field of study in the follow-up Master's degree program N2301 "Mechanical Engineering" and subsequently in doctoral study.
Graduates will find employment in technical-operational, business and management positions in manufacturing operations in mechanical engineering and other industries, as well as in the...
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Master programmes

Control of Machines and Processes
As a graduate of the master's study program Machine and Process Control, you will gain the knowledge necessary for the design of technological process control and production lines. Knowledge of automatic control, applied mechanics, electronics, microprocessor technology and signal processing will allow you to optimize the design of control algorithms for the technological process.
Graduates are able to design instrumentation (sensors, actuators, drives, control systems, ...), use communication...
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Do you waver between mechanical or electrical engineering or IT? You don’t have already!
Mechatronics, this is the up-to-date connection of the fine mechanics, electronics and intelligent computer control systems.

Each modern product can be practically called mechatronic system. You can find a job in mechanical or electrical engineering, robotics, biomedicine, and next related branches.

During the studies you learn to design, to test and also to control mechatronic systems, which scan the...
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Doctoral programmes

Control of Machines and Processes
The study programme Control of Machines and Processes is focused on the control of machines and the control of processes. As a machine you can imagine different production equipment and its subsystems, just as their grouping, it can be a robot, autonomous systems or mechatronic systems. The process can be not only a production technology in different fields of industry but also it can be the decision-making processes and control processes at the upper level of the production and manufacturing...
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Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering is one of the pillars of the economy in the Czech Republic and is part of almost all human activities. Doctoral study is the highest form of study at the university and offers a deeper theoretical and practical disciplines offered in a variety of disciplines - Transportation and handling equipment, robotics, power machinery and equipment, construction machinery and equipment, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Applied Mechanics, Machine and Process Control. Graduates find...
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List of courses

Theses and dissertations

List of theses and dissertations