International Summer School 2018 - Advanced Methods of Mechatronics

Datum konání: 16. 7. 2018 - 20. 7. 2018
Místo konání: F233
GPS souřadnice: 49.832592N; 18.162675E
Learn about Mechatronics studying the Segway! The summer school of mechatronic systems offers an intensive 5 days course.

Lectures will consist of theoretical fundamentals followed by practical exercises that will demonstrate methods and tools for measuring signals from mechanical and electrical systems and explain how to process them in Matlab. The laboratory experiments will be based on MEMS (Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems) and piezoactuators, while the laboratory measurements will use models such as Segway for vertical stabilization, active vibration control of cantilever beams and journal bearings with the use of the piezoactuators.

The schedule divides each day into key lectures, lab demonstrations, and basic work in the computer lab. Courses are planned from 9:00 to 16:00 with two short breaks and a lunch break.


  • Data acquisition and processing using Signal Analyser and Matlab (spectral analysis; filters).
  • Demonstration of MEMS sensors features.
  • Modelling of mechatronic systems (cantilever beams, rotor system supported by journal bearings).
  • Active vibration control with the use of piezoactuators (demo test rigs).
  • Excursions (the Lower Area of Vitkovice, Tatra Technical Museum).
  • Designed for students in the fields of mechatronics, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

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Term: 16. – 20. 7. 2018

Duration: 5 days

Graduation: 2 ECTS credits

Leader of the course: Prof. Ing. Jiří Tůma, CSc., Professor in the Department of Control Systems and Instrumentation of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. He lectures and researches in the field of automatic control, signal processing, measurement of vibration and noise, experimental dynamics and recently also with active vibration control.

Contact person: Assoc. Prof. Ing. Lenka Landryová, CSc. 

Course fee: 300 EUR

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