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22 June 2018

Detail of study branche

Faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Study programme: Mechanical Engineering
Type of study: Doctoral
Code: 2302V006
Czech title: Energetické stroje a zařízení
English title: Energy Engineering
Study period: 4 years
Guarantee department: Department of Energy Engineering
Guarantee: prof. Ing. Dagmar Juchelková, Ph.D.
Key words: RES, new solution, energy management, energy machinery and equipment, energy efficiency
Branche profile: The aim of the PhD is to deepen the theoretical knowledge of the master's degree, and gaining knowledge for the comprehensive utilization of energy resources and reducing energy consumption, increasing the efficiency of energy transformation in traditional sources, and minimization of pollutant emissions from energy sources and the use of renewable resources. teach graduate and independent scientific work in the field. Theoretical training is focused on natural sciences and engineering that underlies the field.
Vocational knowledge: Practical training is focused on methods and means of physical and numerical modeling of energy processes.
Vocational skills: Graduate profile, given the wide range of study is thematically divided into four areas: thermal energy machinery and equipment, industrial energy, environmental technology and renewable energy.
Vocational competences: Graduate is because of this complex methodological and předmětovému shot very broad field of study, in terms of type of institution and professional characteristics.
Alumnus profile: Characteristics of Occupations researcher in new energy technologies, a leading designer and manager of research projects in the areas of energy and environmental engineering. Characteristics of the employer: energy companies, research institutes and manufacturers of energy equipment with its own development and research.

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